Lodge of Loyalty 4340

A Masonic Lodge in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham, B1 1QG

Severn Street Open Evening

Severn Street open evening
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Severn Street Open Evening

On 2nd March 2024 the Pathways Team are launching a new initiative to encourage new members to join our lodge. This is a trial event to be held at Severn Street. It is a chance for us and our lodge to bring potential Freemasons to our meeting rooms and get them to meet the members of our lodge.

The format will be very simple. Our job as a lodge will be to invite gentlemen to the meeting. The Membership Pathways Team will then deliver a short (15 minute) presentation to your prospective candidates, in the temple. We will be sat, in full regalia, next to your potential candidates. We will then move onto the festive board to enjoy a wonderful meal.

All lodges of Severn Street are encouraged to attend to make the atmosphere as busy and as attractive as possible.

This is an event for your lodge to encourage new members to our lodge. The Pathways team wants to hold this event to give all lodges the opportunity to take part in “Gents to Dine” Event. Some of Warwickshires strongest lodges have been holding gents to dine evenings for many years to great success.