Lodge of Loyalty 4340

A Masonic Lodge in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham, B1 1QG

A Masonic Lodge of

Building a caring society with Integrity Friendship Respect Service

A Warm Welcome

The Lodge of Loyalty 4340 was consecrated on the afternoon of Tuesday 31st January 1922 at the Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham and has met continually to this day. We are a modern, progressive, friendly lodge that enjoys the essence of Freemasonry.  We care for our newer members and their families as well as… how should we put this?… our more mature members.  

We Meet

We meet six times a year on the 2nd Tuesday January to April, October and November


Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham, B1 1QG

Start Time

Our regular meeting start time is 6.15 pm to 6.30 pm giving plenty of time to arrive after work, and we aim to finish before 10pm

Join Us

Interested in becoming a freemason?

Interested in becoming a Freemason?
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As one of the oldest social and charitable organisations in the world, we have a thriving community of approximately 175,000 members throughout England and Wales, as well as Districts overseas. Freemasons use four key values to help define their path through life: Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Service.

Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and our aim is to empower members to be the best they can be.

Here’s just a few reasons to become a Freemason:

You want to
make new friends
Lodge of Loyalty 4340: March 2024

Our members ages range from late 20s to late 70s.

You want to
develop yourself
The Lodge of Loyalty 4340 is all about building character and having fun.

Freemasonry is all about building character and supporting each other.

You want to make a positive contribution to society

Service and charity is at the very heart of Freemasonry.

Interested in
becoming a Freemason?

Why join the Lodge of Loyalty?

Apart from being a friendly Lodge eager to welcome new members, our location in the heart of Birmingham city centre makes us an ideal and easy location to get to, for anyone living or working in Birmingham.

Our Lodge room is situated in Severn Street, opposite the Mail Box and just a few minutes walk from New Street Station. 

We are currently looking for new members to join us, so if you live or work in Birmingham City centre, the Jewelry Quarter, Chinese Quarter, Irish Quarter, Learning and Technology Quarter, Digbeth, Birmingham Science Park or any other surrounding area and want to discover more about Freemasonry, please get in touch.

Think you know about Freemasonry?

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story for why they became a Freemason.

What's it all about?

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What's it's like to be a Freemason?

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The 1723 Constitutions

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Discover Freemasonry

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Life as a Freemason

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Want to know more?

Get in touch with us to discover how to become a Freemason and join our wonderful lodge.

If you are already a Freemason and would like to visit our lodge; are interested in becoming a joining member; or would like to know more about Freemasonry then we would love to hear from you.

About Us

We are a small friendly Lodge meeting in Birmingham city centre for over one hundred years. We enjoy our Freemasonry and welcome visitors and new members with open arms.

The ethos of our Lodge is to look after all our members and their families whilst encouraging and mentoring newer members. We realise that friendship and our newer members are the life blood of our Lodge. 

The Lodge of Loyalty has an interesting and varied history. After the horror and carnage of the 1914 to 1918 war, the desire for peace and good fellowship among mankind in general created a demand for membership into Freemasonry which had not been experienced prior to those days. Certain eminent members of the Lodge of Israel No. 1474, seeing their waiting list increasing, and realising they could not admit new members for seven to ten years, signed a Petition to Grand Lodge for the formation of a Daughter Lodge, to be called the Lodge of Loyalty.

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What visitors say about us

"I have been quite a regular visitor to the Lodge of Loyalty and have also thoroughly enjoyed working with the Lodge team on membership development. A visitor or new member will always find this Lodge to be an uplifting experience with bright characters, diverse membership and a long and fascinating history to be a part of. The Lodge has an inclusive approach to the work of the Lodge in which less experienced Brethren are encouraged and carefully mentored so that they can quickly take an active part in a way they are comfortable with and enjoy the personal satisfaction that this brings. The Lodge has also adapted to better fit with modern life adopting a later opening time to allow people to get there from work and the vibrant festive board is generally completed by ten o'clock which is a blessing for those of us with early starts!"


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