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Easter Smiles

Easter Smiles
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Easter Smiles

In 2021 Andy Staker became aware that in the area covered by Warwickshire Freemasons over 3,000 children were currently living in hostels, Bed and Breakfasts or Sheltered Accommodation through no fault their own. Some with single parents due to domestic abuse who require protection and some due to other reasons such as family hardship due to the pandemic causing their parents to lose their jobs and their homes.
Andy was completely overwhelmed by the fantastic response of Warwickshire Freemasons, their friends and family. This generosity enabled him to not only provide for those children previously mentioned but allowed him to extend the donations to disabled children in schools such as Priestley-Smith School for Blind and partially sighted children, Zoe’s Place who support children with cancer and other local charities who support disadvantaged children.
The target was to purchase 500 eggs. We raised enough to buy 3,000, which was truly magnificent. Andy was able to deliver many of those eggs and to see the “Easter Smiles” on so many children’s faces was reward enough. For the fourth year running, Andy is leading the campaign to continue to build on the achievements of the past few years.
Andy will again, with the help of Buddy Bags, who help to distribute to the more sensitive locations, be able to reach out to as many as possible across all parts of Warwickshire. As the current economic challenges continue it has only increased the hardship of many families and children.

You can make your donation in the same way as previous years on this Just Giving page.
Thank you for whatever you can give no matter how big or small your donation.